How to keep your pets safe and happy during the coronavirus quarantine

by | Apr 29, 2020 | Puppies Health

Staying at home during a holiday is different than being in quarantine. It is hard to maintain normalcy in day-to-day activities during the quarantine. Especially when being with your furry pet friend during coronavirus quarantine.

It is a happy thing for the dogs when the owner is at home and being around everywhere it goes. Some of the tips are here to follow to keep your mind and dog’s mind peaceful.

01. Exposure and relaxation with dog Tv.

work during corona quarantine with puppy

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Social distancing is a major thing to be followed during the quarantine. You can divert your dog’s mind by making it watch TV series. Keep your dog entertained by logging on to Dog TV. It has canine-friendly videos for relaxation of your pets. So show this kind of dog-related videos to keep them entertained.

It is also an entertaining thing for this kind dog-related videos along with pleasant music.

02. Playtime

During self-isolation, allow your dog to walk in your neighbourhoods or at the backyards. Give some puzzle toys to the dogs to keep their mind active. Play with them like a competition game. If they finish the puzzle game, give them a snack to make them enthusiastic and play again.

03. Healthy meals and healthy time

Hungry pups may need a lot of food to eat. It depends on the owner for food. We must be careful in giving healthy meals to them. Some healthy foods like fruits, vegetables and milk are the best meal for the pets during the quarantine. Dog food like biscuits can also be given to dogs. Give healthy food package to keep your pet healthy during this time. Maintaining good health is important during coronavirus quarantine. Give them healthy, tasty as well as a light meal to treat your pet’s taste buds.

04. Physical work out for pets

physical work out for dog quarantine

It is difficult for the dogs to go out for a walk. Train your pets for physical activity using basic exercise. You also take workouts during this critical time at home. Dogs need more physical activity as well as rest. This relieves stress from their mind. You train your pets to do exercise. This makes yourself stress-free and relaxed. Physical activity is essential for you and your pets while staying at home. Regular work out keeps your pet’s mind active and free from depression during coronavirus quarantine.

05. Personal hygiene.

Personal hygiene is an important thing to be focussed. To prevent coronavirus, it is very much essential to focus on hygiene. Cleanliness also ensures the wellbeing of everyone. Hygiene of pets is more important to be maintained. Keep your pets clean by making them take a bath frequently. Cut their nails to keep your pet neat and clean. Use medication against ticks and worm to protect your pets from it. Maintain the proper hygiene of your pets during the quarantine time. Hygiene will keep your pets healthy during the time of isolation.

06. Shower love towards your pets 

Shower love towards your pets

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Love is a beautiful feeling for everyone in the world. It is applicable to pets also. Emotional bonding is important for the pets during coronavirus quarantine. So stay engaged with your pets. Take funny pictures of your pets and share it in social media. Extra care and attention is the most adorable gift to the pets during the quarantine. Pets will relieve your stress and make your mind peaceful. A healthy bond between human and dogs are strong, so spend more time with your pet. The more time with your pets makes you relaxed during these tough times. Spread positivity around you and your home. Keep everyone happy and entertained in your home.

Pets do not spread or transmit the coronavirus is reported by the World Health Organisation. So spend enough time with your pets. Some people believe the false news spreading in social media. The pets are not a carrier of coronavirus. So drive out the fear inside your mind about your pet.

Stay more connected with your pets. Pets will peace of mind for you and your pets during coronavirus quarantine. Stay home, stay safe. Spread positivity in your home. Keep everyone in your home peaceful during this isolation time. This is the best way to relieve stress during the isolation period.



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