Simply ease out your dog from lockdown

by | Jun 19, 2020 | Puppies Health

End of lockdown is happy news for everyone. Everyone has ‘work from home’. Only we moved out of home for essential needs. Lockdown changed regular human life. Once the lockdown is over, you will obviously get back to work. This creates an impact on your pets life. Likewise, the lockdown has an impact on a pet’s life. Many dog owners have a fear of how their dogs are going to react with new normal life. Two months of lockdown life changed the pet’s lifestyle. Now after the lockdown ends, it may be difficult to ease out some of the restrictions.


Dogs will face anxiety when you allow your dog to socialize after a long period of time. So the owner must prepare your dogs to return in a gradual manner to get back to the original routine. Once the owner is going to get back to their works after a long break. This may create separation anxiety in your dogs.

Higher heart rate

Separation anxiety results in increased heart rate. The dogs may face difficulty in getting back to the normal lifestyle. The dogs start to bark repeatedly since it is going to be alone home after a long duration. If your dog barks repeatedly don’t react immediately. Allow your dog to settle down and then to pass it. This may also increase their respiration rate.

Prepare your dogs

The best way is to prepare the dog by the owner. Try to pretend to you as if you are getting ready to go to the office. Maintain an amount of time away from your dogs. Create a positive impact; don’t be more negative to your dogs. One another way to come out of lockdown is to take your dogs to a long walk to adapt to the outside environment. Allow them to interact with other dogs in a social manner.


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