Is AC good for puppies: Should I allow my dogs to sleep in air-conditioned ?

Is AC good for puppies? This is the most searched word on the web these days.

In this article, I will cover everything you need to know about dogs sleeping in an air-conditioned room & is AC good for puppies?

Puppies are socialized animal, which is a stress reliever for the human community. Usually, puppies develop during the first 3months of its birth. After this period these puppies are no longer dependent on mother. So it gets ready to meet the new human community as its friendly hood. Puppyhood is the dog’s younger phase which lasts for five to 6 months at the initial stage. There are several factors you should consider before thinking about air condition to make sure your puppy is in a good environment. 

The introduction of puppies to new situations needs certain things to be adopted for the welfare of the puppies. It includes

  • Behaviour with other dogs and pets
  • Sounds of household and neighbourhood
  • Wide variety of new people
  • Handling and grooming of puppy.

Puppies are literally similar to babies. This canine stage must be trained in a positive way to the new environment. The following are important advice to be followed by people who plan to adopt a puppy.
1. puppies should not be scared at any circumstances
2. teach the puppy to eat and chew the right things.
3. puppies should not be punished.
4. teach a puppy to sleep in a proper place.


       Generally, puppies possess high energy than an adult. So it becomes tired easily. People should understand how the sleeping pattern of the puppy, because it will not be curled in a bed to have a sleep exceptional the sleeping style will be awful.

NIGHT TIME SLEEPING PATTERNS: Puppies are like kids who faces a lot of challenges to understand the world around them. They will not sleep throughout the night time. The time duration of sleep during the night is 6 to 8 hours.

DAYTIME SLEEPING PATTERNS: Like kids puppies sleep during the day time a lot. After a period of activity, puppies like to sleep to get a refresh, and they begin to play again. This nap may last for thirty to two hours. We can try to comfort them during this short sleep period called a nap.


       Sleep is an important part of the development of the puppy. We teach a lot of things to puppies. During the time of sleep, the puppy’s mind materializes the entire thing that they learned during their active time. Sleep helps them to store information and remember things. Depending upon the breed to which the puppies belong to their sleeping duration may vary from sixteen hours per day. Certain tips are there to regulate the sleeping habits of the puppies as follows,

  • Proper day scheduling – Plan the day time in teaching activities to puppies. The sleeping time of puppies should not be compromised for the learning skill of puppies. Don’t over teach the puppies by grabbing the daytime.
  • Never wake up a sleeping puppy– The sleeping puppy must be given rest at the time it sleeps. It is important to educate the children at home not to disturb the puppies sleeping time.
  •  Safer space for sleep– puppies usually sleep at a safe place as it feels. It may either along with the owner in the bed or a neat den covered with bed or cushions. This space giving entirely depends on the owner.


Should I allow my dogs to sleep in an air-conditioned room

can puppies be in air conditioning?

The puppies have sensitive skin and fur. Long term exposure to AC will lead to drying of the skin and leads to dandruff. So regular combing of fur is necessary to incase if the puppy sleep in an air-conditioned room. The best alternative way is cooling the room for thirty minutes and allowing the puppy to sleep in an air-conditioned room using a ceiling fan for the rest of the time.

 The average temperature for the dog to stay in a room is 33-34 degrees Celcius which is optimum room temperature. If the temperature is above the normal range, it is harmful to both puppies as well as humans. The usage of an air-conditioner depends upon the climatic change of nature.

Mainly the breed of dog is an important factor to be considered while allowing the puppies in an air-conditioned room. An air-conditioned room should not have a much lower temperature. The temperature of an air-conditioner must be maintained above 22degrees Celcius.

  • Dog breed like German shepherd has a double coat layer of fur so its body will overheat than other dogs with a single coat. These types of dogs should be kept in cool temperatures during the summer season. Those breeds having a single coat must be kept away from AC vent because it will discomfort to the puppies.’
  • The age and size of the dogs also determine the condition to stay in cool or warm temperatures.


The ideal temperature for the pets to sleep depends on factors like breed, health conditions and other criteria. The perfect thermostat temperature for puppies is 78 degrees F during summer. During winter the temperature ranges around 69 degrees F.

 Some of the factors are discussed below.

  • Weight: Body fat is the major factor for pets to stay in cool temperatures or warm temperatures. The overweight puppies can withstand temperature for a longer time.

Age and health: 

  • young or adult pets require a slightly warmer temperature to survive. The puppies’ health conditions also an important thing to maintain temperature for their survival.
  • Coat type: Dogs with more thick, long fur will be more cool tolerant. Hence these dogs overheat faster to tolerate the cool condition. Pets with smaller fur types will not be heat tolerant.

Conclusion of should you leave Air Conditioning on for Your puppies

For adopting a puppy, many circumstances such as accommodation, food habits, health, behavioural habits play an important role. The puppy must be mentally and physically trained to fit a particular situation. The puppies must be trained to avoid unnecessary barking. But it must be trained to bark when a stranger enters the house. Out walk for the puppy to maintain its health to a greater extent. If the puppy is bought into an apartment, then the owner must carefully ensure the out walk for their puppies. Finally raising a puppy is an art similar to raising a baby kid. A friendly creature like puppies needs to be given a proper living environment to have a friendly relationship with humans.

It’s going to be the end of this article. I hope now you have an idea about “is AC good for puppies.” Please note that your views will make my blog post stronger. Feel free to comment with your valuable thoughts and always welcome and appreciate your comments.

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