How long can a dog go without water ?

Water is an elixir of life. All human beings require water for their survival. The case of canine, water is an important element for its regular activity. By comparing daytime and night time, a puppy can survive without water at night. During night time the puppies are at rest for a longer duration. Two to three hours before the bedtime, the water provided to the puppy must be removed. How long can a dog go without water?

Dogs can go without water for a maximum of three days that depends upon the type of dog’s breed. If the puppies are consuming wet food, this may help to extend the number of days without water. It also depends on the weather conditions of the environment. If the weather is too hot, even the survival of a puppy for two hours without water is going to be a difficult thing.

Health benefits of drinking water for your dog

Water is essential for the absorption of nutrients, and also it enhances the digestion of food. Water is necessary to keep the body active by producing more living cells. Water also maintains body temperature and cools down body mechanisms. It lubricates the joints and makes the movements of the joints more comfortable. Water aids in the development of strong muscles. It also helps in the growth and development of the puppy. It removes toxins and transport oxygen. Water can be directly taken by some puppies. Some puppies may consume water in the form of moist food. Water keeps the puppy in a hydrated condition. If a sufficient amount of water is not provided, then it will lead to dehydration.

Dehydration in dogs

Since we are discussing uncommon situation survival of the puppies without water. It is an important requirement for the facts about dehydration. Dehydration is a condition in which not getting enough fluid to the body. The common signs of dehydration are as follows,

1. Appetite loss

In the dehydration condition, the puppy will find difficulty in swallowing the food. Even though the puppy is hungry, it will not consume food.

2. Lethargy

Dehydration reduces the blood supply of the body, and hence less energy will be obtained for the body movements. Hence the puppy becomes lethargic. 

3. Dry gums and nose

4. Excessive panting

5. Low skin elasticity

6. Sickness

7. Depression

The only way to prevent dehydration is to provide fresh water to the puppies at a regular interval of time. If we fail to provide water in proper time, for example, the owner is out of town in an emergency situation without noticing that the puppy’s water bowl is empty. Then the puppy begins to survive without water.

Is your puppy drinking enough Water?

The requirement of water depends on the daily activities of the puppy. Usually, a young puppy can require one and a half cups of water every 2 hours. This amount of water required may vary depending upon the body’s activities and body weight. During a hot climate, a puppy has a greater tendency to drink more water. At this time, the puppy can be given cold water instead of warmer water. If the puppy consumes more water, then it will frequently urinate. Hence the consumption of more water naturally removes waste from the puppy’s body.

Maintaining the personal hygiene of the puppy is more important. The water should be properly washed on a timely basis. The water bowls are more exposed to bacteria, fungi, and algae. So cleanliness of the water bowl is necessary to avoid infection to the puppy.

Dog Overhydration

The condition in which over drinking water may result in overhydration. It is also called water intoxication. This condition is not suitable for the puppy’s health. The symptoms are vomiting, nausea, excessive salivation, and bloating.

How Long Can a Puppy Survive Without Water?

Survival is different and being in good health condition is different. If a puppy survives without water for three days, then it will be in poor health condition. It requires immediate hydration to avoid health damages. Mainly the dog’s body is made of 80% of water. From this 80% of water content, a 10% water content drop also influences the puppy’s health to a greater extent. The factors influencing the maximum survival rate are health condition, breed and the genetic capability of dogs.

Temperature, the humidity level of the dog’s environment and activity level of the dog determines the need for water. The need for water increases based on high physical activity and conditions like vomiting, diarrhea. Depending upon medications, the water requirement of dogs should be increased or decreased depending on vet doctor advice.


Water regulates body temperature. Dogs usually pants while exhaling and release water through respiration. To compensate for this water loss, a puppy should be provided with enough amount of water.


Generally, if we exercise, we lose water through sweat and tend to drink more water. So dogs undergo physical work out then it will pant more requiring more water. Hence rehydration is essential.


The common medications have side effects of changing the intake of water. Common inflammatories and heart medications will increase thirst and urination.

Conclusion of how long can a puppy go without water

All the survival factors determine the longevity of the puppy with water. These critical factors influence the body to require more or less water. Water plays an important role in the puppy’s body activity and development. Let’s get to answering the question: “how long can a dog go without water?”. The puppy survival without water is an uncommon situation, even though the puppy will try to survive without water for a duration of two to three days depending upon the above factors discussed.

It’s going to be the end of this article. I hope now you have an idea about “how long can a puppy go without water.” Feel free to comment with your valuable thoughts and always welcome and appreciate your comments. You may also want to check out our article on “Is AC good for puppies“.


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