Labradoodle: hybrid dog breed- smart, social and intelligent

Labradoodle is a new crossbreed developed for people who have an allergy because of the dog’s fur as the name says that it is a crossbreed of poodle and Labrador retrievers. Both the dogs are known for their intelligence. This is a smart and sociable dog. It has an appearance of poodle coat types as well as gentleness and training ability of Labrador. In 1955 Donald Campbell described this new breed in his book ‘ Into The Water Barrier’. Wally Conron, who is an Australian breeder, introduced this crossbreed for the first time in Australia. Guide dogs Victoria is the first organization to breed this labradoodle.

Cuteness in appearance

It has a wide range of skin colours like cream, gold, chocolate, apricot, red, silver and black. The fur type includes rocking wavy, sporting curly or straight hair in nature. The weight of labradoodle is about 10-40kgs, and standard height is 22inches.

Since it is a hybrid type dog, the texture and coat type may vary from other dogs. It has varied texture such as soft, curled and wavy. Labradoodle usually have odour free none shedding coat type than Labradors. It is hypoallergenic in nature.

Long life span

Usually smaller dogs live longer than larger dogs. Labradoodle is one of this kind of smaller dog. The average life span of labradoodle is 12-15years. Some factors like diet, exercise, genetics, injuries may influence the life span of the dogs.

Hybrid dog breeds

F1 Labradoodle

What is f1b labradoodle?

F1 Labradoodle is the first generation cross between a poodle and Labrador retriever. These dogs have 50% poodle characters and 50% Labrador characters in it. 

What is the difference between an F1 and F1b labradoodle?

F1b Labradoodle is a back crossbreed. F1 Labradoodle is backcrossed with poodle breed to produce F1b Labradoodle. These dogs have 75% poodle characters and 25% Labrador characters in it. Hence F1 is the first generation dog breed, and f1b is the back cross dog breed.


What is the difference between F1, F1b, F2 and F2b labradoodle?

F2 Labradoodle is a cross between F1b Labradoodle and poodle. These dogs have 87% poodle characters and 13% Labrador characters. F2b Labradoodle is a crossbreed of F1b and F1 labradoodle. These dogs have 75%poodle characters and 25% Labrador characters in it. 

F1, F1b, F2, F2b, F3 are the different criteria of the dog breed being produced with different coat type.

So readers if you are planning to buy a labradoodle know a few things about the crossbreed because the different breed has a different coat texture.

Do F1b labradoodle shed?

First, we should get an idea of shedding. Shedding is nothing but loss of hair in dogs. It is common in all the dogs. F1b labradoodle is a crossbreed mainly created to avoid the shedding. It depends on the parents of the dogs. It purely depends on genetics. It is a parental character gets transferred to the young pup. Selective breeding is the best way to produce none shedding dogs. Possibly it will take three generations consistently to produce none shedding dogs. 

But any way labradoodle is the best lesser shedding and allergy-friendly breed compared to other dog breeds. It is the dog’s dander or dead skin which causes allergy to humans. But it is a dander free dog, and it does not cause allergy to humans.

labradoodle puppies

How big F1b labradoodle get?

Labradoodle is a designer dog has different size type such as mini, miniature and medium. How big size of the dog will become entirely depends on weight gain. The medium-sized dog is about 13-20kgs in weight. The miniature-sized dog is about 7-13kgs in weight. The mini-sized dog is about 7- 11kgs in weight.

What is an Australian Labradoodle?

Australian Labradoodle is different from other labradoodle. Labradoodle has a parent such as a poodle and Labrador breed.

Australian Labradoodle has six parental breeds such as,



3.English Cocker spaniel

4.American Cocker spaniel

5. Curly coat retriever

6. Irish water spaniel

Australian labradoodle is very high generation. This breed has been bred for more than 35years. It is recognised as a multi-generation breed. These dogs coat does not shed like other Labrador. So it is a highly compatible breed for allergy and asthma sufferers. It is a perfect companion for children, very intelligent and easily trainable dogs.

Easy to train

Labradoodle are very intelligent and social nature. It has the ability to learn new tasks easily. Labradoodle is easy to train because of the following feature.

01. Intelligence – It is known that both poodle and Labrador are very intelligent in nature. So this parental character is inborn in this breed. So this character makes further easy to train.

02. Socialization – Being social is not alone human character; even dogs possess it. This breed has a social, friendly and affectionate behaviour with other dogs as well as human. Its always love to prefer the company of other dogs. So it is easy to train in swimming, running and handling.

03. Temperament – It has amazing temperaments like smart, friendly, loyal, active and fun-loving. So it is a loving and cute companion.

It is a friendly and enjoyable dog with a cute appearance. It cannot be trained for protection aspect. It is not a ferocious breed. Labradoodle is interested in jogging. It requires a lot of walks and also a big space for running. At the time of work out, Labradoodle expects the company of the owner.

Age for Labradoodle to calm down?

Labradoodle is quiet and silent at the beginning when it is born. As it grows, it becomes more active with a high energy level. Due to this high energy level, some call their labradoodle pet as hyperactive. But instead of saying it as hyperactive or disobedient, we use its energy in some useful activities. It has a keen nature to follow the owner and try to be part of every activity. Usually, these breeds calm down at the age of 3-4 years. Till it is matured, this breed will be active in nature. Even though it is matured, some dogs remain active at the matured stage.

Smart in nature?

Since it is a friendly, trainable and lovely dog, it is so smart to learn things because of its intelligence. Both poodle and Labrador are brilliant, and this dog will have that intelligence from its parents.

For example, labradoodle learn to live alone if the owner is going out for a short span of time. It has the ability to get adopted to live alone without the owner in the home for a short span. This is a smart character in Labradoodles.

Labradoodle is low maintenance dogs

For growing a dog, it is necessary to give a lot of commitment and investment. But labradoodle is required lesser maintenance. It has a shorter and wavy coat which need lower maintenance. So brushing and washing of fur becomes easier. So it does not require much focus on maintenance. But care must be given to maintain the coat texture.

Water lover 

Parent of labradoodle poodle and Labrador are water breeds. So labradoodle love to play in water and dive into deep waterside. So it is an excellent swimmer. So it is not a difficult thing to make a bath of labradoodle.

Celebrity dog

Labradoodle is now becoming celebrities pet because many of the celebrities are welcoming it into their houses. Some celebrity owners are Jenifer Aniston, Beau Mirchoff and Jeremy Clarkson. A Labradoodle approximately costs around $1200 USD – $3000 USD.


This breed is known for its coat and fur. It requires proper grooming. Up to 8-12months, the dog may have a puppy coat. Brushing is easy and fast to do. Frequent brushing makes the puppy coat into the adult coat. Regular brushing two to three times a week is essential to maintain the coat tangle-free. Brushing is going to be a fun-filled activity which creates emotional bonding between you and your pet.

Earlier it was thought that labradoodle must take a bath only when it is dirty. It is said because of hard shampoos may spoil the coat texture. But nowadays mild and gentle shampoos are available to take care of the coat texture or labradoodle.

Health issues 

According to Australian Labrador Association of America, labradoodle is considered a healthy breed. But some dog may develop hereditary problems like hip dysplasia and eye disease in a rare case.

Which is better labradoodle or golden doodle?

Labradoodle dog has higher energy levels compared to golden doodle. So they remain active and stronger than golden doodle dogs. For farm works /public services labradoodle is mostly preferred than a golden doodle.   

Hope you got enough information and facts about labradoodle if you planning to buy it. If you have a pet already at your home, try to know some useful information about the pet through this article. This may help you out to understand your labradoodle pet better. If you have any suggestion, please we are eager to know, post your comments in your comments box.

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