Quarantine: time of isolation for pets like pup

Isolating from the environment, not to step out of the house for social welfare is a Quarantine. This creates a slight disturbance in the daily life of people. Not only humans but even pet animals especially dogs, also got stuck at home and gets affected. This changes the lifestyle of the dogs, mainly living in apartments. COVID-19 does not transmit or get spread through pet animals, as reported by the World Health Organisation and center for Disease Control and prevention. 

The following are some tips for the pet owner to handle the quarantine period.

Pre –Preparation for quarantine

Pet owners should have top concerns in collection essential things for pets like food and cleaning items. The owner must also collect preventive medicines for conditions like flea, ticks, and heartworms. It is better before quarantine vaccinate the pets if it is the time for vaccination.

Potty habit

Dogs face problem during quarantine is not able to move out for daily activities. If the dogs are in an individual house, they get space in backyards and lobby. The condition of pets living in apartments becomes difficult.

The owner needs to train the dog at a particular apartment area to pee or to do potty. This becomes a good hygiene practice for both the pets and humans staying there.

Active hours

Always make the pet to be active physically. Enriched meals are essential for pets. We can provide puzzle toys to make the dogs mentally active.       

Normal training and exercise are necessary for dogs even at home. Longer duration of training and exercise is not encouraged at the quarantine time. The puppy or dog may face stress and depression at the time of isolation. It may also result in changes like trouble sleeping, appetite loss and anxious nature. To avoid all these difficulties, the pet owner must try to ensure a comfortable companionship to the pets.

I hope now you have an idea about Dog quarantine Coronavirus. Comment below your valuable thoughts and always welcome.

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