Unicorn pup: Rae a golden retriever – with a single ear in the middle of her head

by | Apr 14, 2020 | Puppies News, Puppies Stories

Rae is a twelve-week-old golden retriever dog. It is a sturdy, a muscular dog which is famous for a dense lustrous coat of gold color. This golden retriever pup has a broad head, sharp eyes, intelligent and capable working breed. It is a female pup. This pup has grabbed special attention on the internet platform. This pup is being compared with ‘Unicorn’ because of its unique feature. It is due to the right ear of the dog moved to its forehead. During her birth time, this crazy accident occurred. This pup gained a rare feature of the right ear at the top of the forehead as well as lost her left ear.

It is a birth defect to this golden retriever pup, but it has gained a positive effect from this defect. It has become famous out of the other pups because of this rare feature. So it is a boon to Rae to be born like this. Brianna Aaderma is one of the caretakers at Family friend’s veterinary hospital at the time of Rae’s birth. Brianna Aaderma wanted to raise Rae as her pet. Everyone in the hospital described it as ‘Golden Unicorn’. Brianna describes Rae as a cute, confident, intelligent, and adorable pup’. Unicorn is a legendary creature that resembles a horse with its horn at the forehead. Similar to a unicorn instead of a horn, Rae has an ear on its forehead.

Finally, Rae’s birth tells us about a positive approach to life… A defect has made Rae popular in social media. It has gained many followers and fans in social media because of its different defective feature… A positive attitude is a boon to every creature whether it can be a pup or human.

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goldenunicornrae pup

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goldenunicornrae puppies

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goldenunicornrae puppy Rae

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