Ozzie: a kind German shepherd dog finds a perfect job chasing birds away from planes

by | Apr 13, 2020 | Puppies Stories, Puppies News

Ozzie is a German shepherd dog born in 2018. It has a fascinating character. It was appointed as a police dog Queensland Police Service, Australia. This dog is particularly trained as a crime fighter. While at the time of training, the handler noticed that this pup was considerate of others. The nature of the dog is kindness. It is showing kindness towards others.

Other German shepherd dogs were not this much considerate like Ozzie. In fact, they were happy to tear the sleeves of the trainer or unwilling volunteers.

Ozzie was terminated from this police canine department by the supervisor after seeing its kind attitude towards everyone. After this decision, Ozzie got a job at Brisbane Airport as a bird scarer. Airport officials noticed a high number of migratory birds in the vicinity at the time of flight of aircraft. They selected Ozzie as the right candidate for driving off the birds. Ozzie’s work is to prevent the birds from being ingested into the engines of passing aircraft.

Ozzie is the ideal candidate with love to play outdoors. Ozzie is not a police canine, but it has a different role to play as this pup deserves it. Being different in character is not a wrong thing, everyone will get a good role to play in their life similar to the puppy, Ozzie.

ozzie german shepherd dog 1

 Image Credit: www.dailymail.co.uk

Ozzie pictured with his handler Jackson Ring.

ozzie german shepherd dog 2

 Image Credit: www.dailymail.co.uk

Mr. Ring said Ozzie’s number one priority in life is playing with balls.


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